About Alex & Lindsay

Hi! We’re Alex and Lindsay, the partners behind Good Intent. We are two friends from Portland and San Diego, respectively, who are connected through a mutual appreciation for National Parks, nature, and responsible consumerism.



A Little Bit of Backstory

On Alex

As surely many can relate, Alex has indulged herself in considering quite a variety of potential career paths that would fulfill her desire to positively influence the lives of others — journalist, screenwriter, yoga teacher, florist, drama teacher, youth program director — which eventually, somehow, led to her earning an MBA and studying Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She was tired of feeling like she had to wait until the next election to make a difference and realized there was a wealth of potential to create change via something we do every day — spend money! She was inspired by social enterprises that use business as a force for good and became determined to start her own.

On Lindsay

In her childhood of midnight meteor showers and campfire tea made from the berries growing behind the tent, the mantra “do no harm” was a pretty prominent part of Lindsay’s edification. Like, to the extent that she and her sisters weren’t allowed to talk too loud on hiking trips so as not to disturb the animals (still not sure that’s really a thing). When she wrapped her head around the idea that single-use plastics take 500+ years to biodegrade, and that future generations would be burdened with the responsibility of dealing with her own (sometimes frivolous) trash, she thought “now this is something worth thinking twice about.”

Read more about each of us here.

We hope you’ll follow along and join us in our efforts to reduce waste whether you’re doing it to minimize harmful chemicals in your home, alleviate harm to wildlife, save money, simplify your life, save the planet, or just to try something new. Feel free to share your concerns, frustrations, questions, as well as all those seemingly small but impactful times you got it right! We can’t wait to see all that can be done with your good intent.